Mr. Roach says, "Hello"!

Lost and Found
Have you lost your balls?
Are you short a shoe? Did your beer disappear? If so, check here. Go east from the Roach Post office to the most dangerous stop sign in Camden County, go straight through on the old highway, LR 54-86, at the first house on the left you will see a utility pole next to the driveway where we hang balls, shoes and gloves etc. Our golden retriever, Finnegan, lives up to his name and brings home all sorts of merchandise. Don't expect to find beer though.

At present, the soccer ball has been picked up, but we still have an almost new soft ball and a man's work boot.
I repeat, the beer is gone. Balls are hung in a mesh bag for your convenience. Please leave the mesh bag for future balls.

Reading List
The Great American
Bathroom Book

Uncle John's Ultimate
Bathroom Reader

Pithy Quote:
Make love, not war.
-Hell, do both...Get Married!
(in women's restroom -The Filling Station, Bozeman, MT)

Roach Raves
We want to welcome 2 sets of twins to Roach:

JT and Karla White, owners of Quietside Quik Shop are proud parents of daughters, Taylor and Tianna.

Sally Goodin, John & Charla Green's cow, had a set of twins, Jack and Jill.

Tom Green set a new school record in the 3200 meter run. His time 9:43.9 in front of former record holder, and his assistant cross country coach, who set the old mark of 9:44.9 in 1978.
It's a good thing he can run fast for he sure is a handsome fellow.

Lucille Carroll is having more cats fixed. If you know anyone that needs fixing, pets that is, Dogwood Spay and Neuter is the place to go. In the old days when people around here seldom had pets neutered or spayed, Lula Williams fixed every male cat that she could find -- no meds either. Once she even threatened Oras Rogers!

Keep 'em coming!
Thanks to everyone who sent emails and letters. If you would like to be on our email list, send us a note.

Glady or Karen:

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Roach History
And now the rest of the story...

The Roach Post Office moved more than once before it finally ended up near its present location in 1903, and has been in continuous operation since then. The new postmaster was Harry Haines, a native of England; his wife ran a small grocery store in the same building. He gave up the post office in 1908 to Albert Long. When Long gave it up, after a few months, Mr. Haines took it back. In 1910 he resigned again. This time Samuel Long served two years. After that Mr. Haines started his third and final time as postmaster. After his death, his wife ran the post office.

In 1933 Rosa Morgan became postmistress, and the post office was moved to its present location. During the time Rosa Morgan was postmaster, her clerk was Chloe Morgan Green, her daughter. In l938 her son, Roy Morgan became postmaster and the post office was moved to his grocery store where Quietside Quik Shop is now located. It remained there until 1944, when his sister Chloe Green, became postmistress and the post office was once again moved to its present location. She was postmaster until 1988.

All of this information was kindly given to us by Mac Green, who got it from Mrs. Chris Leib who years ago operated a grist mill with her husband at Gunter, now known as Ha Ha Tonka. This information checked out with the Post Office Department.


Old Stone House

The first person to identify the above photo gets a
free candy bar from Quietside Quik Shop.

Local News
Roach has new residents from Kansas City, Mr. & Mrs. James Shelton living on AA1 - Mrs. Shelton is impressed by our twisting, turning roads. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Good news! Travis Wallander is home from Iraq, some of the locals may remember that he worked at G&G Marina and married the dock girl, Tiffany Throckmorton.

The Wallanders thank Kenny Carroll for the good job done on their driveway - and the Old Hwy 54 residents thank Kenny for not running over our cats and dogs - good job.

Dear Miss Maddie: Miss Maddie
We liked the picture of the Roach Post Office,
and I thought the loafer's bench was pretty cool.
Why don't they bring back the loafer's bench?
I like to sit and watch people.
(from Casey and July Johnson)

Dear Casey and July: That's a great idea. I'll suggest this to the Post Mistress. We need more loafer's benches.

Things you didn't know you needed to know:
Did you know that you could visit the library in your jammies and fuzzy slippers? If you're connected to the Internet, dial up Camdenton Library's Online Catalog, COOLCat,
to search for and request a book. They'll call you when it's in.

Question of the Month:
Who was Lorenzo Jones and his wife Belle?
The first correct answer gets a candy bar from the Quietside.

NewspaperWe need news! If you don't have news, we'll settle for gossip, i.e.- Has your neighbor been seen on America's Most Wanted?
Suggestions - we want those too. And if you have vintage pictures of Roach scenes or people you would like to see in the newsletter, please let us know. Thanks to all who have allowed us to use their pictures.

Coming soon … Local Exciting Civil War History!

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