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Happy Thanksgiving

Turkey wearing a Bikini

From the Party Cove Turkey

Roach Rant:
Horrors! Condominiums on the west side of the bridge, and now condominiums are proposed on the east side of the bridge! Watch for announcements of future meetings if you'd like to get your two cents worth in.

Reading List
Who Blowed Up the Church House?
Pissing in the Snow & Ozark Folk Tales:
both by Vance Randolph

The Cat Who Talked Turkey
by Lillian Jackson Braun

Pithy Quote:
Lawyers can't go to the beach anymore. Cats keep trying to bury them in sand.
From the book:
Lawyers and Other Reptiles
by Jess M. Brallier

Two of our astute readers asked if John Grisham's book, The King of Tortes, as erroneously written in last month's Reading List, was a cookbook.
Of course it isn't - our proof reader laid down on the job and missed the flub. It should have been Torts, as in law, not Tortes, as in cakes.

Kitty asleep on 12-pack
Bud, the proofreader

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Roach Civil War History

Missouri ranks third among the states with the most battles and engagements during the Civil War. Camden County played an interesting role in the survival of the Union, but in this issue we will focus on the Roach area. We have a partial list of residents that were hauled off to a POW camp in Rolla, Camp Womack, or the wounded to Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis.
Were any of these folks a member of your family?
Robert Edison Thomas Jackson
W.T. Yeadon Stephen English
James Allison A.G. Byler
William R. Thompson W.B. Clark
Captain Roberts D.M. Hampton

Roach Reader Comment:
The following is a suggestion from one of our readers -
Why couldn't the land on AA, where the community building was to be built ages ago, be used for some kind of playground or park area with picnic tables and covered pavilion for the local residents?

Dear Miss Maddie: Miss Maddie
I heard that Lee Nelson self-proclaimed himself the Mayor of Roach. He appointed Susan Campbell as Vice-Mayor while he is frolicking down south. Does this mean she's in charge of Vice? And…just when did Roach hold this election? Miss Muffet

Dear Miss Muffet: I smell a coup d'etat! I do not remember an election. This may call for a recall! I have hired two 'undercover' agents (pictured below) to investigate.
Kitty on Potty Kitty's head in box
Deep Throat

Local News:

We have another sports hero in our town - Freddie Sparks, who plays left field for the Camdenton Lakers girls softball team.

Tom Green has done it again - ran faster than anyone else!

The picture last month was correctly identified as an old building in the New Tribes complex.

Get Well Soon, Pat Lamport. Every cat, dog and critter in Roach misses you and wishes you a speedy recovery…and your people friends do too.

Things you didn't know you needed to know:
Did you know that the Camdenton Library hosts a Genealogy meeting on the 4th Wednesday of the month from 1 to 3 p.m. in the Meeting Room. (The November date is the 19th due to Thanksgiving). On the 2nd Thursday they meet from 2 to 4 p.m. in the computer lab to do online searching.

Question of the Month:
No answers to last month's question - Who was Lorenzo Jones and His Wife Belle?
The answer: This was the name of a radio soap opera, before TV, in the same genre as Young Doctor Malone, Stella Dallas and Just Plain Bill. Roaches eating dinner

Happy Thanksgiving from the Roach Rattler staff.

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