Mr. Roach says, "Hello"!

Roach Rants
Carol (Morgan) Chappell, of Springfield says her rant is people that drive and talk on cell phones. Insurance companies deplore this practice, and I do too.
(Did you hear that Karen?)

Roach Raves
We are very lucky to have Quietside Quick Shop. Where else can you get Horny Goat Weed and gas at the same location?
Move over Viagra!

This was meant to be a monthly newsletter, but as Lula Williams used to say, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." May escaped us, so this newsletter has become a bi-monthlyish endeavor…or whenever.

Camden County is one of the wealthiest counties in the state. So, why is Roach treated like chopped liver? We could use a bike path, and maybe the county could spare a little money to finish the Roach community building that was started when I was a kid; the original foundation is about a block down A Road. Also a trendy little eatery would be nice -maybe a Hooter's, "Delightfully Tacky, Yet Unrefined." Heck, I'd settle for a two-way stop sign where AA merges with Old Hwy. 54. Car wrecks abound on this curve.

Lost and Found
John Cumper lost his peacocks - they were first seen near Lucille Carroll's; two beauties I might add. A week or so later Pauline Russell was trying to find who they belonged to, for the Department of Conservation had had a complaint about them. Finally the peacocks came home, but not until the big storm hit. They were missing three weeks. If you ever see a peacock, just call John Cumper. If they are a nuisance, you can drop them off at my house until John can come and get them, for they certainly improve the landscape.


Do you have news tips or suggestions? Vintage photos of Roach scenes? Please let us know - we will arrange to make copies.



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Monthly Topic: Roach and Roaches
A reader asked, "You seem defensive of the name Roach, named after Sid Roach, so why do you use a cartoon cockroach as a logo."
First, we wanted Mr. Roach, an honorable man, to have due credit for the name of Roach. Second, we meant no offense to roaches, a noble bug indeed. After all, they've been here for over 250 million years, and we've only been here a million years or so, give or take a few thousand. Roaches are useful in medical research, and behavioral studies suggest they are among the brighter insects. From a capitalist point of view they have served the economy well. In our local phone book there are dozens of ads for extermination of these durable pests. More information can be found on this interesting topic in The Intellectual and Emotional World of the Cockroach, by Howard E. Evans.

Dog named Harry T. Vaught,Speaking of bugs, recently I was pondering why we never had lice, scabies or ringworm, when I was in school. Harry T. Vaught (photo left), centenarian scholar of Camdenton, said that nowadays teachers get their degrees in head lice, and minors in scabies and ringworm. Can you imagine!! Yet many of us in Roach grew up without running water or electricity, but managed to never have lice, scabies and seldom ringworm. Harry T. resides with his loyal friend and housekeeper, Susie Vaught, in Camdenton.

This and That
Newspapers: We have been asked how we came up with the name of Roach Rattler. It was very simple; we both rattle a lot. Seriously, interesting newspapers often have the most interesting names. When The National Endowment for the Humanities funded its historical newspaper project, one of the selections was The Daily Unterrified Democrat that is still going strong, in Lynn, Missouri. Two others chosen were The Anti-Masonic Republican and The Semi-equal Eagle. Great names huh?

Local News
Regena Sparks, daughter of Peggy and Dwight Sparks, and Doug Heritage, were married April l9th. We wish the young couple all the best.
Miss MaddieDear Maddie, an expert in her field, wants the new Heritage couple to get off to a good start and had this to say, "Gena should keep him in the dog house fairly often, but throw him a bone once in awhile, to insure domestic bliss."

New Subs: The sub-division we mentioned in the last Roach Rattler has a name. It's CoCaMo, rather fitting isn't it? I think this name is for Camden County Missouri. But wasn't there a song by that name from way back?

Local Sports News: Our local sports star, Thomas Green, competed recently in the two mile race at the Track Conference Meet in Springfield. He also participated in the 4 x 800 Relay. He medalled in both events. Tom is a sophomore at Camdenton High School, and we wish him well.

A lady and her horse & colt.

Our picture was finally identified! Actually it wasn't fair to put in such an old photo, but we liked it. My sister, Mary Irene Osborn Wickham, called from Tucson and said she thought the picture was of Mrs. Brown who once lived in Roach. This is correct. She lived on the "Old Grandpa George Haines place," according to the info on the back of the photo. Pauline Russell also vaguely remembered Mrs. Brown.

April's Question of the Month was:
"Does anyone remember Bowser Huff"?
Not a soul knew who Bowser Huff was, so we still have our offer of one candy bar from Quietside for whoever can identify Bowser.