Mr. Roach, says "Hello"! Coming Soon!
The Roach Rattler ... a newsletter
Large corporations now own almost everything.
Drug stores have vanished along with neighborhood beer joints, the ice plant, green stamps and the folksy hometown newspapers.

For a year or so my friend Karen and I have been thinking that Roach should have a newsletter. Roach no longer has a school, a gristmill, or three grocery stores, but Roach has a Post Office, two cemeteries and a quick shop, and that surely rates a newsletter. If you count the residents in the cemeteries and in the Roach suburbs, we’re talking big numbers here.


Our Mission Statement: To not take anything too seriously because we live in Roach.

A Monthly Topic: This could be anything from guns to guinea hens, pizza to politicians, or cars to cow plops.

Local News: You name it, we’ll write it. Send us your news tips.

Dear Mattie: Mattie is our personal advice writer. She’s heard it all and knows all the answers.

Roach Rants: Bad things that make you mad; trash thrown out all along old Hwy. 54.

Roach Raves: Good things that make you glad; the lost horses were found.

Remember When: People used to ride the mail truck, and Roach didn’t have electricity.

Pithy Quotes – i.e. Today’s mighty oak is just yesterday’s nut that held its ground.
If you have one you really like, please send it to:

Lost and Found: If you lose your pet, your favorite wrench or anything else, let us know.

Foreign News: We have several former Roach residents who have agreed to send us news bulletins from as far away as Cape Horn and as near as East Roach.

If there’s something you want to see, or don’t want to see in our newsletter, let us know. We welcome ideas from our readers.

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