Mr. Roach says, "Hello"!

Roach Raves
As we said in our last issue, we are very lucky to have Quietside Quick Shop, but we made a slight erratum. The Horny Goat Weed they sell is actually called The Horniest Goat Weed. This is a pretty important distinction, don't you think?
Forget Viagra!

And now would be a good time to introduce the new owners of Quietside Quick Shop, J. T. and Karla White, Trevor Viertel, and Jake, the boss. They hale from Boonville, Missouri. Stop by and meet the new owners.

Reading List
The Forbidden Face by Latifa
Enemy Women by Paulette Jiles
From the Corner of His Eye by Dean Koontz
The King of Tortes by John Grisham

Lost and Found
Spirit, the lost cat that Doreen Breakfield was cat sitting, has been found. Thanks to Quietside for helping in the search and return.

Roach Rants
People in Roach get more than their share of abused and abandoned animals, especially if they live on the old highway. Beer cans and trash are bad enough!
"We were dumped," said Butch and Sunny,

Cats, Butch & Sunny

but were rescued by a nice lady named Shirley. Now we are lucky enough to live in Roach, and we say throwing away animals is down right dirty and mean. Have your pets fixed too!"

Lucille Carroll had four of her cats to the Dogwood Spay & Neuter Clinic last week located on Hwy 5S, next to the Dogwood Thrift Shop. Good for you, Lucille! They have low prices and are open Mon, Tues, Wed. Phone # 346-2916.

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Pithy Quote
If you cannot answer a man's argument, do not panic. You can always call him names.
Oscar Wilde


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Roach HistorySid Roach
New people moving to the lake often make the mistake of thinking that the little town of Roach is named after the American Cockroach. Let's make one thing perfectly clear; Roach was named after the Honorable Sid Roach.

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

We should rename this newsletter the Roach Retraction. We have new reliable information that Roach was not named after the Honorable Sid Roach, but to honor Littleberry (Jack) Roach, a prominent man of the Linn Creek and Gunter (Ha Ha Tonka) areas. The Roach post office was officially established in 1886, the year Littleberry died.
The community and post office was originally known as Meads, but this was unacceptable to the U. S. Post Office Department because there was already a Mead, Missouri. When the name Meads was not allowed, the name Roach was suggested and accepted.

In the next issue…the rest of the story.

Roach Post Office

100th Anniversary of the Roach Post Office (1986)

Golda Osborn, Stanley (Cotton) Haines, Chloe Green (Postmistress), Raymond North, Rosie Haines North, Edna Haines Hall, and
Dorthy Haines North

Bring back the Loafers Bench!!

Local NewsFinny
John and Jane Webb, owners of Total Fitness in Camdenton have closed their doors to move on to other endeavors. Finny (right) was very upset at first, but decided to do his own thing at home.

Alysia Goudy, daughter of Larry and Carol Goudy of G & G Marina, and Shawn Maschino, were married this past June. We wish the young couple happy sailing!

Waste Watchers collections: A truck is located on the Wal-Mart Super Center parking lot (below Pasta House) on Saturdays from 10 until 2, April thru Nov. They take glass and plastics that can be bagged together. And all paper and light cardboard can be bagged or boxed together.

Foreign News
Our foreign correspondent, Jeanette Williams, formerly of Roach, had a most interesting adventure off the coast of Mexico. Young men were diving off cliffs into rough water filled with huge rocks to retrieve plastic spoons, cups, condoms, and other trash thrown there by tourists and passing cruise ships. Tourists would gather around the cliffs to watch the divers. Quite an exciting cleanup crew, we'd say.
The rest of her cruise was spent traveling around Cape Horn in the company of many very elderly folks who spend their golden years cruising the world. Sure beats a nursing home!

Dear Miss Maddie: We never hear Miss Maddie
whippoorwills anymore. Do you know what happened to them?
Miss Maddie says, I don't know anything about whippoorwills, but it's ten o'clock, do you know where your dog is?

Question of the Month:
Can you calculate the smallest limb diameter on a persimmon tree that will support a 10 lb. Possum? (Sent in by Lee Nelson)

NewspaperWe need news! If you don't have news, we'll settle for gossip, i.e. Has your wife run off with the corset salesman? Suggestions - we want those too. And if you have vintage pictures of Roach scenes or people you would like to see in the newsletter, please let us know. Thanks to all who have allowed us to use their pictures.


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