Mr. Roach says, "Hello"!

Large corporations now own almost everything. Drug stores have vanished along with small beer joints, the ice plant, green stamps and the folksy hometown newspapers.

For a year or so my friend Karen and I have been thinking that Roach should have a newsletter. Roach no longer has a school, a gristmill, or three grocery stores, but Roach has a Post Office, two cemeteries and a quick shop, and that surely rates a newsletter. If you count the residents in the cemeteries and the Roach suburbs, we're talking big numbers here.

Reading List:
We have a new deadly strain of flu. We have a new war. And we have the old flu and the old terrorism. Are you scared yet? If not, here are the books for you.
Bio-Strike: Tom Clancy
No Blade of Grass: John Christopher
Into the Forest: Jean Hegland
The Last Day: Glenn Kleier

Pithy Quote:
Blessed are the cracked,
for they shall let in light.

Local News:
Rumors have it that a new subdivision is in the works across the street from the former Orrin Park's garage located on Old Hwy 54 (LakeRoad 54-86). In case transplants don't know Orrin Parks, he is a former Hulett Cheverolet mechanic.

Foreign News:
Apparently our foreign correspondent, Jeanette Williams of Roach, not to be confused with the Linn Creek Jeanette Williams, is still sloshing around the coast of South America. Some people when they retire do nothing but have fun. Can you imagine!
Mary Irene Osborn Wickham and her new dog, Abbie, of Tucson, Arizona send regards to the home folks.

Mary Irene Osborn Wickham and Abbieher new dog, Abbie, of Tuscon, AZ send regards for the home folks.



We need news. If you don't have news, we'll settle for unsalacious (is that a word?) gossip. So send us your news tips. Suggestions - we want those too. If you have vintage pictures of Roach scenes or people, let us know - we will arrange to make copies.




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New people moving to the lake often make the mistake of thinking that the little town of Roach is named after the American Cockroach. Let's make one thing perfectly clear; Roach was named after the Honorable Sid Roach.

Like his father, Sid Roach was a lawyer. Sid Roach
He served as an Assistant District Attorney for the Western District of the Indian Territory, and as county Prosecuting Attorney for several years. He served two terms in the Missouri House of Representative and later represented the old 8th District of Missouri as its Congressman for two terms. As a practicing lawyer, he at times helped people for free; that alone makes him a legend.

Perhaps before turning up their noses, uninformed newcomers should do a little research. We who have lived here forever get a little testy when newcomers want to change the name to something that appears to confer more status on their life at the lake, such as Roche or Rochelle.

No apologies needed for the name Roach, thank you.

Roach Raves - The Roach Post Office
It is so wonderful to go to the Post Office and not have to take a number and stand in line. As a transplant, I know about this first hand. In St. Charles it was fight the traffic, find a parking spot, then wait in line for 30 minutes. Here we get service with a smile and a bit of news too. --Karen
I like being able to walk to the post office, but I miss the loafer's benches out front. I also like having the Quietside Quick Shop.
If you stop on a lucky day you may run into Freddie Osborn, Peggy's dad, who might tell you at least a half dozen interesting lies. --Glady

Roach Rants -- Condos on the Cliff
As you may have noticed, on your way home from Camdenton, the bluff on the West end of the bridge is being systematically destroyed to build more condos. The cedars and other trees have been cut and burned to make way for the gravel crushing operation. Welcome to the destruction of all the natural beauty of the Lake of the Ozarks. Yes, we know that's progress, and things change, but neither progress nor change is always good.

If you need advice about your finances, love life, kids, war or almost anything, contact Miss Maddie. She is an expert in many fields. Under that lovely blond hair is a brain that's sharper than a razor.
Just send your questions to: Miss Maddie

Miss Maddie Dear Miss Maddie: I pride myself on being open-minded, but often I am accused of being too open-minded. What are your thoughts?
Dear Sarah: "If you're too open-minded, your brains will fall out."

Paw prints

Miss Maddie says, "Please visit the Blue Moon Thrift Shop on Hwy 5N in the Ryland Shaw Shopping Center."


Bosco says, "Buy something, too."

Does anyone know who this is?
(Hint: She lived on the old George Haines place.)

A lady and her horse & colt.

Question of the month:
Does anyone remember Bowser Huff?
(1st correct answer wins a free candy bar from Quietside)

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