My husband and I moved to the beautiful Ozarks in 1994. At that time we did not have any local Internet Service Providers in our area. It was a year or more before I was able to finally find out what all the fuss was about the Internet.

In 1997 I participated in a program called the "Internet Masters Program" developed by Missouri University Extension. It provided me with the skills to gracefully get around on the Web.

Then to my delight, I discovered Online Classes. I took an HTML class and created my web page which is always changing, so check back often. I took classes on PaintShop Pro and PhotoShop to learn how to create graphics for my web page. These classes have taken me through many long winters here in the Ozarks. And along the way, I have made many friends here and abroad through my study group, the Dream Team. All in all, it's been a great ride!